Unseen Wonders of Nature


Unseen Wonders of Nature

No doubt nature has always given us something extraordinary whether that is beauty or disaster but there are certain places that hasn't been discovered yet or if discovered they has not been explored yet
Below is list of all those nature wonders so go ahead and enjoy

Puerto Princesa Underground River

The Puerto Princesa Underground River is on the Philippine Island of Palawan, and leads into a give in that you can take vessel visits through.

Grand Canyon 

The acclaimed, gigantic gully slice by the Colorado River through Arizona is one of only a handful few ponders that has a place on each cycle of this rundown.

The Great Barrier Reef

Australia's acclaimed, enormous hindrance reef is tragically at danger of being obliterated by environmental change, overfishing, and tourism.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, on the outskirt of Jordan and Israel, is one of the saltiest waterways on the planet. So salty that you can broadly coast in it, and that no plainly visible living beings can make due in it.

The Aurora

The (aurora borealis or "Aurora Borealis" in the north, aurora australis in the south), is created by the impact of sun oriented winds with Earth's magnetospheres, and can be seen from essentially anyplace inside specific scopes, contingent upon the perceivability and seriousness of the geomagnetic storms.

The Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is Africa's tallest mountain, and as it's a torpid fountain of liquid magma  is the tallest unattached mountain on the planet.


Praise to the Maldives for getting their whole nation on the rundown. The Maldives are a progression of coral atolls in the Indian Ocean, and, if environmental change raises ocean levels by even a smidgen, they will no longer exist — the country's most astounding point is just 7 feet and 10 creeps off the water.

The Angel Falls

It is the tallest untouched waterfall of the world located in the jungles of Venezuela with an altitude of   about 3,212 feet

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