Have You Seen These Photos From '9/11'


Have You Seen These Photos From '9/11'

Certain incidents in history shakes the world at once, where truth can't be unveiled or simply truth can't be answer at the moment. Though, the incidents becomes a part of history. History is an ambiguous subject which relates to different school of thought variously. 
Everyone is so familiar with the famous  incident of 9/11, but some of the truths during that incidents are still not known to everyone
Below is the list of few pictures from 9/11 that you might not have seen before

This is not a scene from a zombie themed movie 

“I’d been standing directly beneath the north tower when it collapsed. That I survived seems almost miraculous. I was inside that massive cloud of smoke and dust, suffocating and blinded. I kept moving and eventually saw light emanating in the distance.”

Cross is about to demolish

The following photographs were all made on 9/11 and are described here in Nachtwey's own words: "In my mind it all went into slow motion. Everything was floating. I thought I had all the time in the world to make the picture, and only at the last moment realized I was about to be taken out."

The worst he could see that day

“Something unbelievable had just happened, and it was about to get much worse.”


“Conventional means of dealing with emergencies were completely overwhelmed. Even with their equipment destroyed the firefighters continued to work. It was much more than an exercise in futility. It was an act of bravery and nobility.”

Seems like a ship wreck

“It looked like the set of a science fiction film about the apocalypse.”

It seems like a 2012 movie scene from this angle

“Firefighters do a job that sometimes requires them to put their lives on the line. That day their courage and commitment were severely tested, and they paid an enormous price.”

What you could have seen as a victim

“Through the years my work has been fueled by anger at injustices and atrocities, but always in another country. Now it had happened in my own country, my own city, my own backyard, and the sense of anger had an edge that was even more personal.”

Those stairs were never so lonely

“Tons of paper had flown through the air when the towers collapsed. Some of it had been blown through the broken windows of nearby buildings.”

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